Cricket Betting Strategies: What to Bet on?

Cricket Betting Strategies: What to Bet on?

Cricket may not enjoy the global popularity of football, but it is easily one of the best sports to place a bet on. For that, you will need cricket betting strategies. There are a large number of markets to keep any punter interested, while it is also one of the few sports that will undoubtedly come up with an outcome. In recent times, there has been an expansion of formats that have further aided opportunities, but it can also be a minefield for a newcomer. Every beginner needs to establish a strategy when betting on cricket.

What Are the Best Cricket Betting Strategies?

There are multiple cricket betting strategies when it comes to cricket, and it is not a surprise considering that this game has three major versions. Cricket matches can be for as long as five days or as short as three hours, depending on the format. This vast differential means that punters have to possess a defined strategy to crunch numbers as per need. Even though many statistics in cricket may appear similar, they are actually quite far apart when these multiple formats of the game are taken into account.

Lay the Draw Tips on Test Match Strategy

This could be one of the profitable cricket betting strategies when there is a definite favorite between two opponents. A punter can lay the draw in test games, in-play, or before matches. The objective of the strategy is to avoid a stalemate when going through the odds of the different outcomes. Here, a punter assumes the role of a bookmaker by paying out a specific amount at particular prices. The lay betting strategy is to lower the liability throughout the game. Since bookmakers have never been able to price the draw market accurately, there is a vacuum that can be filled, especially in test games.

There were around 45% draws in cricket games back in the 1980s. This figure came down to just 35% in the next decade whereas it has dropped to 27% in modern times. Due to the substantial drop in odds, most of the games continue to have incorrect prices for a stalemate.

A punter has to stay abreast of game developments to succeed with this strategy. For example, a gambler wants to lay a draw at 3.25 odds with a $10 stake. They can expect an additional exposure of $22.5. If the game ends in a draw, the punter will pay out $32.5. If not, they can witness a steady change in prices to the position where their liability can be reduced by only going with the latest odds at better prices, as per lay betting strategies. In the end, punters will get their $10 along with the $10 staked by other gamblers.

Taking Advantage of the Bookmaker

One can choose to make ricket bets with multiple bookmakers so that they can take advantage of a price differential. This is one of the basic requirements of any punter. However, they can also guarantee a nice little profit by using multiple bookmakers to go with different outcomes in the same event. A punter can use free bet offers from one bookmaker to bet on a result, and they can also go the other way with the second bookmaker.

Since bookmakers also update odds throughout a game, a punter can profit by applying to lay the draw tips. A punter will be initially liable for a specific amount when going against a draw. However, they can reduce this liability by betting on the draw when prices have changed. If a punter expects England to come out victorious in a game against India, they can go with three options depending on traces: back England, lay a draw, or lay India.

Increasing Your Chances with In-Play Betting

Even though some versions of cricket take place over multiple days, in-play betting continues to remain as a simplified version of the sport. There will be a significant difference in price outcomes when a game is going on. As the match ends, the odds for specific markets tend to go up drastically. There can also be a massive price swing if a captain decides to bring out a bowler with little experience or poor form. Even the coin toss has a role to play in determining the outcome.

Live betting also provides an opportunity to look out for the new ball, which can hand the fielding team with a significant advantage. Generally, the new ball is given out once every 80 overs. Bonus will be able to achieve greater control and grip due to the shining surface and thick seam. However, batsmen can also profit from a new ball if the pitch is flat and smooth. Hence, a punter can maximize their betting opportunities with in-play betting markets.

Top Player Betting Strategy

A punter can focus on specific players rather than the entire team. In such an instance, taking a punt on the best batsman can be a pleasant prospect. Once the decision has been made to back a top player, a gambler should first start with choosing the team and then identify the player who is most likely to get the highest runs/wickets. A great way to make this choice is by looking at recent form. There have always been cricketers who have performed well in specific versions of the game. For example, Steve Smith would play well in test matches for Australia.

There are likely to be situations when top players would receive low odds. A workaround this situation will come in the form of backing outsiders who still happen to possess decent records. However, the risk increases with such a strategy. A punter looking to employ this strategy should always remember that wins would be halved if two players are in a tie. Even when looking at statistics, punters should pay a lot of attention to the version of cricket, as it can significantly alter the meaning of those statistics.

Betting on the Top Match Batsman

A punter can also go with a specific market like a top batsman in a particular match than a top player from a series. The risk involved gets much higher since the outcome is narrowed to a great extent. Both teams have to be considered, and a gambler has to choose the best player among them. This can be extremely tricky, but a punter also stands to make a sizable profit if the selection turns out to be correct. This best way to bet can also be applied for choosing a bowler, who can be backed to get a particular number of wickets in the match. If two bowlers are tied in terms of total wickets taken, they are separated based on the number of runs conceded.

The proliferation of online betting on cricket has led to several sites providing detailed statistics about batsmen and bowlers. It is not sufficient to look at the player’s recent form alone, as factors like altitude, pitch, and time do make a huge difference. For example, a spin bowler tends to favor an overcast condition that causes a different pitch variation, which tends to produce more spin on the ball. Meanwhile, a batsman in an excellent form will appreciate sunny and dry conditions.

The Betting on Runs Strategy

This is one of the best cricket betting strategies that do not sound risky since the prediction is made over a wide range. Rather than predicting the exact number of runs, users will be going with an under/over strategy. This is very similar to the football markets involving goals scored. Bookmakers will specify the particular amount of runs, but it is applicable for the entire game. This market and strategy can be less risky since there will be only two potential outcomes, unlike the market to predict some overs.

Still, a punter has to make an educated guess. Analysis has to be made on the type of game and prevailing conditions to decide on an outcome. The price for backing this market will be low in the case of a test game, whereas it will be much higher for the T20 match. Even with a risky attitude from players in the T20 game, the lack of time is a factor behind the unpredictable nature of total runs.

If it’s wet, games tend to produce less number of runs. This is primarily a hindrance towards picking up a certain kind of win. Ground trends can be very crucial in predicting total runs. A punter has to study aspects like run rates, past totals, and even ground size.

Betting on Outright Winner of a Season

The outright is not a brilliant choice for punters, unsure of what to bet on. Instead, it is a marked meant for seasoned punters considering that the risk involved is much higher. It is so because a choice has to be made from many games. It is easier to pick the best batsman from a team of 11 players, as it effectively means picking only one of the top five batsmen. However, an outright winner has to be selected with a lot of care. Several things can end up taking the bet in the wrong direction since factors like bad weather, injuries, and other variables come into play.

Perhaps, injuries and weather are tough to predict when betting on outrights. Yet, knowledge about past results can have a positive impact, while funds should also be well managed since they would be locked in for a long time.

Top Tips for the Best Cricket Betting Strategies

There is no guarantee when it comes to betting on cricket. Instead, punters will just focus on the game from every possible angle to come out victorious. This is one of the few sports where even weather becomes a variable. Hence, a lot of research and homework has to be done to assess the form of a cricketer. A punter might have to go through a large number of statistics to conclude. Thankfully, there has been a sizable growth in online statistics to arm gamblers with a higher quantity of information.

We hope that our cricket betting strategies will help you win more!

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