2023 ICC World Cup Predictions

2023 ICC World Cup Predictions

Are you looking for World Cup cricket predictions? Cricket playing nations from around the world are preparing for the 13th edition of the World Cup cricket, which is slated to be held in India. It will take place from February 9th to March 26th. Previous tournaments in India involved neighboring countries, but India will be hosting the event alone for the first time.

This guide will provide detailed information that a punter needs to come out triumphant when betting odds World Cup. We will cover every aspect from the organizational questions to teams expected to pick up the title.


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 once again goes with the same round-robin format for the group stages, while a knockout format is used beyond this stage. Before 2019, 14 teams took part in this competition. The reduction in the total number of teams has brought aboard a shift to the single round-robin stage. There are 45 games in total, with each team getting the point for a draw and two points for a victory. If teams were tied together on points, they were separated based on several wins. Even if a separation was possible using this method, their Net Run Rate (NRR) is taken into account.

Four teams that finished at the top of the group were able to progress into the semi-finals. There is not much of a gap between the group and knockout stages. Teams that finish top of the group get to play against the fourth-placed outfit, while the other semi-final will be contested between teams that finished second and third. This cricket World Cup format has been well received in many quarters, and 2023 promises to build on this success.

How Many Teams Are Playing in the 2023 World Cup Cricket?

Ten teams take part in the competition. Only hosts (India) qualify automatically, while different metrics determine the remaining nine spots.

Seven out of the nine teams are from the World Super League. Among the thirteen teams that compete in this competition, the top seven (including the hosts) qualify. The remaining two spots are determined by the World Cup qualifier, for which five teams are fighting.


Even though the 2023 World Cup cricket is still quite far away, it is possible to analyze a few teams that should be in the mix for this title.

  • India

    India will be looking to make it a second successive victory on home soil when World Cup returns to the subcontinent in 2023. Several neighboring countries were involved in hosting the 2011 edition, but India will be the standalone host nation in 2023. Many crucial players like Rohit Sharma will be at the tail end of their careers, but home advantage will be immense. Since the World Cup’s new format allows for host nations to progress more easily from group stages, it is expected to spell more joy for the national team.

  • England

    After England’s first World Cup success in 2019, expectations will be sky-high. England has been able to get past the group stages in recent times when this event was held on Indian soil. The average age of the squad is just over 27, and this makes them a firm favorite for excelling at the 2023 edition when players are likely to have a great deal of experience and performance. Still, England has never been able to win a World Cup outside its borders, and this makes them second-favorite for the 2023 title.

  • Australia

    Australia is easily the most successful when it comes to World Cups after having lifted this famous trophy five times. Yet, Australia is likely to face a major rebuilding task ahead of 2023, with the squad’s average age hitting almost 29. Even though the nation bounced back relatively well following the scandal in 2018, there will be a lot of scrutiny at this 2023 edition. Australia could have reached the semi-finals of the 2019 edition, and history is also in their favor, with the team getting success at 1987’s final in India.

  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan might be considered as an alternative for the title after having been unable to get past the group stages in 2015 and 2019. This national team has also featured at the World Cup only twice. As of now, they are amongst the lowest-ranked teams when it comes to this competition. Yet, cricket in Afghanistan has grown with this national team proving their quality with successive qualifications to World Cups. After having not been a member of ICC for a long time, they have grown from being unable to qualify for the 2007 and 2011 World Cups into a position where they are among back-to-back rivals. Crucially, Afghanistan has qualified when the number of teams in the World Cup has been reduced.


An attractive aspect of World Cup tournaments would be the futures market, which is rich in options several years before the tournament. Many markets are available for teams, batsmen, and bowlers. This interest only grows in the months leading up to the event. These bets excel over money line bets with higher levels of excitement. Below are some popular ones:


This World Cup cricket market can be used to predict the two teams that are most likely to progress to the final. Reaching the final is seen as one of the most significant achievements aside from actually winning the trophy. Therefore, there is a great deal of importance given to this market. Even in the early days, India and a few other top-ranking teams will be immediate favorites. It is possible to go each way in this market to limit losses.

To Finish Bottom/Top

This is a market available to back teams that finish at the top or bottom of group stages. Punters can go with multiple bets here. They can get a much better payout when going with such an option. Even when making single bets, players can get good value since there is stiff competition. The last two World Cup editions have seen teams qualify from group stages with three or fewer losses. It is possible to get better prices than with the top 4 odds market.

Exact Order of Finish

This market is used to predict the group’s top two teams after 45 group games are completed. The two picks should finish in the exact position to achieve success in this market. High-ranking teams and India, as a host, are likely to be strong candidates.


A player can make a strong pick to back one team or another as part of moneyline bets. If a team has World Cup odds of -100 or less, it happens to be a firm favorite. A group can also be classified as an outsider with +100 or more. Let us consider the example where India is given an estimate of +135 while England is at -135. This means that England is the favorite, even if the payout is less. If a player makes a bet of $10 on England, they stand to win $23.5. If the same stake is made on India to win, the returns would be $17. In a moneyline bet, the favorable cricket odds reflect the money required to get a $100 profit.

There are not many niche bets for ODI games, but some of the interesting options are listed below.

Number of Runs

A punter is provided with the option to choose the total runs scored by a team. This can also be done with the over/under format so that a punter does not put himself at more significant risk. The option to choose amongst a specific range is obviously less rewarding, but the range is quite relaxed. For example, a team can be backed to score from 150 to 200 runs. It is also possible to support total runs by both sides combined.

Winning Margin

It is possible to back a team for success by a certain number of tickets or runs. Once again, this can be done in the over/under format. It is also possible to pick this market with a handicap style, where a team must get success over an opponent with a minimum figure so that it overcomes the handicap imposed by the punter. Let us assume the example of a game between India and Sri Lanka. If a punter backs India to defeat Sri Lanka with a handicap of -20, India should get success in the game with a margin higher than 21 runs to receive a payout.


Once a match begins, the futures market comes to a close. However, plenty of other World Cup betting markets are still available during games, and these are live options. The price of these markets is regularly updated, depending on the progress of the game. Actions like dismissals or boundaries can impact rates in a minor way. However, a huge effect can be seen when there is a crucial dismissal in the batting line-up, as the natural successor would not have the same level of quality.

Punters should focus on the period when captains are forced to use the lesser bowlers. During this time, batsmen will start to score runs more freely than before. As part of the matter strategy, batsmen will have plans to take on these lesser bowlers with pre-determined attacks. This would involve being more offensive, and it can also bring about substantial changes to World Cup odds to win.

Each-Way Betting Betrally – World Cup 2023 Winner

Each-way betting is an extremely crucial option to consider when it comes to major tournaments like the World Cup cricket. Even though there are only 10 teams, a substantial risk is involved in trying to predict a winner. This is due to the quality of the opposition. Yet, each-way betting lowers risk by providing returns for a second-place finish. It is similar to insurance for a bet, as some gains will be guaranteed if a selection comes close to winning this event.

Among all competitors for betting odds World Cup 2023, India will be a firm favorite. India’s recent success came in 2011 when a long wait for this trophy gave a win. Recent achievements for India at World Cups have been limited, as the team has been unable to get beyond semi-finals in the last two editions. Let us assume that a punter backs India at World Cup odds of 12/5 to win the World Cup cricket, and they receive an each-way price of 1/2. If India wins, the maximum returns will be $56 on a stake of $20 (initial stake of $10 becomes $20 because it is each-way bet). Even if India comes second, there would be a profit of $2.

What Are the ICC World Cup 2023 ODI Predictions?

Australia is immensely successful when it comes to World Cups after picking up five victories in 11 competitions. However, the nation has been hit by scandals in recent times. Even though Australia was able to reach the semi-finals in 2019, the cloud of recent scandals will be hard to recover. Primarily due to the strong history enjoyed by Australia, it is tough to look away from the five-time champions.

England was accustomed to being a laughingstock when it came to international cricket, but the nation finally got its first World Cup title in 2019. Even though England profited immensely from playing at home, the successes have propelled England to a strong position. They will be a contender after having done well in Indian pitches in the recent T20 World Cup.

India, though, will have the upper hand when it comes to this tournament, mainly by being able to host games in the vast subcontinent. This has always been a difficult place for visitors, and India has proved their prowess in the 2011 home World Cup. One can expect a repeat of the same as they are a firm favourite to win World Cup 2023.

ICC Cricket World Cup Predictions Today

The World Cup cricket has undergone several changes in recent years, and the template set by 2019 is expected to be followed for quite a while. The format effectively prevents home teams from going out early, and this gives India a significant boost. Even though plenty of changes are expected in the squad by the time this competition starts, the hosts should have greater strength. It is also a good idea to keep regular contenders like Australia in the line of sight.

A good strategy will be to back teams that reach the semi-finals before others, as it allows them to keep players fresh. Another approach would be to go with a team that has had a strong finish to the round-robin stage. Such groups may have the momentum required to carry through in the knockout stages.

We hope our World Cup betting tips will help you nail those cricket odds!

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