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School And Club Cricket

School And Club Cricket

As it often happens with various sports – no one knows exactly where, who and when exactly came up with cricket. One of the first records in the annals dates from the end of the 16th century and sends us to the south-east of England: here in 1550, in Guildford (Surrey) tells about the children’s game “cricket”.

One of the first world matches took place in Kent and it was a village meeting deduced from the match held in 1611 between “The Weald and the Upland” vs. “The Chalk Hill”. At the beginning of the 17th century such matches between parishes got their popularity.

Cricket gained real popularity in the 18th century: it became in fact the national sport of England: in 1760 the first Humboldon Club appeared, and in 1787 the Marylebone Cricket Club (the largest brand today) was organized in London Lord’s Cricket Ground. It is here that the first set of rules appears. This led to the appearance of first local leagues in the second half of the 19th century.

Local Cricket

At the bottom-up level, club cricket is mainly an amateur sport for those who like it, although there are usually local teams that take part in the competitions on some occasions, at weekends or in the evenings.

School Cricket

At schools this kind of sports appeared in southern England in the 17th century. It had the same rules and developed in the same way as in other countries where this sport was popular. There are certainly some variations of the game in comparison to professional competitions, but the Laws are kept even during school or club matches. The game have some informal variations like French variant.

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